How do you protect yourself from cagers?

What’s a cager?

According to, a cager is “a popular word among motorcyclists and bicyclists for four wheeled motor vehicle drivers. The term is often used in a derogative sense, because the car body effectively forms a cage, isolating the said driver from having to interact with other road users.”

Simply, cagers don’t see motorcycles.  Aside from motorcycle awareness campaigns and being on the lookout for cagers, the only other way you can protect yourself is financially with insurance coverage that insures you.

How to protect yourself from drivers who don’t see motorcycles

We registered the website name where you can find out how to protect yourself.  We give out Cager cards and recently gave them out at FullThrottle Magazine’s Bike Night and at a Long Island ABATE meeting.

We are constantly trying to get the word out to motorcyclists about inexpensive underinsured coverage and it’s starting to work.

Four clients injured in motorcycle accidents

We have four new motorcycle accident clients in the last four days. All of them were hit by drivers that never saw the motorcycle.

One of those clients in Queens heard about underinsured coverage from a friend who was a previous client of ours and he purchased $300,000 underinsured coverage. The car which hit him, has $100,000 insurance coverage. Our client can now obtain another $200,000 from his own insurance company.

The second of the four clients in Nassau, had $25,000 uninsured coverage with no underinsured coverage. He has injuries worth at least $500,000 and the car which hit him has only $100,000 coverage.

The third client in Brooklyn has $25,000 uninsured coverage and was hit by an unknown car which fled the scene, so that’s all he can get even though his injury is worth a lot more.

The fourth client in Suffolk has a leg injury worth well over $1 million.  He has no underinsured coverage, but he’s lucky because he got hit by a car owned by a large corporation which will be responsible for the entire value of his injury.

What to do before you have a motorcycle accident

Before you ride again, please take a look at

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