Parking Lots

Parking Lots – a Surprisingly Dangerous Place

We have represented too many motorcyclists who were injured when hit by a car in a parking lot. This is just one more area where you have to be vigilant.

It’s not surprising that 20% of accidents occur in a parking lot when looking at the statistics of what drivers are doing while driving in a parking lot.

According to the National Safety Council, 2/3 of drivers are distracted while looking for a parking spot.

Too many people are using cell phones on the road, but the statistics in parking lots are beyond imagination.

  • 66% of drivers feel comfortable making phone calls while driving in a parking lot;
  • 56% of drivers feel comfortable texting;
  • 50% feel comfortable sending emails or watching videos; and
  • 42% feel comfortable video chatting.

The distraction and inattention causes 60,000 injuries and more than 500 deaths in parking lots annually.

Drivers are comfortable not paying attention while driving at slow speeds in parking lots. Other causes are drivers looking for vacant spots rather than watching for pedestrians and other vehicles; drivers rushing to get a parking space; and drivers in crowded parking lots often experience road rage.

Unfortunately, every area of the parking lot is dangerous for a motorcyclist. We have represented motorcyclists passing parking lot entrances/exits who were hit by cars making a left turn into or out of parking lots. Other dangerous areas include the lanes within the parking lot when cars are backing out of a spot and the end of lanes where cars turn. We have even represented a motorcyclist who was sitting on a motorcycle parked with the engine off in a parking lot space when a car drove right into him.

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