Motorcycle Awareness

We’re working hard and spending a lot of money every year to raise awareness of motorcycles on the roads to help prevent serious injuries to motorcyclists.

We created many items you can use to help raise awareness which we give out at motorcycle events.  You can see some of the items below.

“BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE®” billboards are shown every May, Motorcycle Awareness Month, posted over the cash registers in Long Island Costco stores and get nearly 1 million views from members.  The billboards support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and motorcycle awareness.

We give out bumper stickers, magnetic bumper stickers, large car signs, and lawn signs (below) at motorcycle runs so motorcyclists can help raise awareness of motorcycles on the roads.  Even people who don’t ride have been displaying our awareness stickers!

We also give out other items with the “BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE®” brand and you can download the free ring tone at

Come get our free motorcycle awareness materials at bike night

Motorcycle Awareness at Costco

Billboard at the Westbury Costco every May during Motorcycle Awareness Month
motorcycle awareness billboard at Westbury COSTCO

Billboard at the Melville / Farmingdale Costco (at main exit aisle – shown from far back)
Motorcycle awareness sign at Costco in Melville

Billboard at the Commack Costco

Our T-shirt spotted at a grocery store on Long Island

motorcycle awareness T-shirt Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere®

motorcycle awareness T-shirt Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere®

Be Aware Motorcycles Are Everywhere® T-shirt

Lawn signs


motorcycle awareness lawn sign at Walmart exit

lawn sign at entrance to Lowe's

Lawn signs can also be taped on storefront windows like Freeport podiatrist Dr. Martin G. Millermotorcycle-awareness-sign-doctor-office-Optimized

Bumper Stickers

Get these Motorcycle Awareness bumper stickers (3″ x 11.5″) and lawn signs (6″ x 24″) at motorcycle events

Available in easy to remove vinyl, magnetic, large magnetic car signs and helmet stickers
Motorcycle awareness bumper sticker

We have the bumper stickers on our cars and you can see one on Rob Plevy’s car in this photo when he was car-jacked in Queens on his way to Supreme Court. The car-jacker must have wanted a BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE bumper sticker!  He even demanded Rob’s iPhone with the BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE smart phone cover!  Rob threw it on the ground and when he chased after the phone, Rob ran the other way but he took the court papers with him that had to be filed that day!

Motorcycle awareness bumper sticker on a lexus

Car Signs

Phil Franckel’s car with large car magnet and bumper sticker

Large motorcycle awareness car magnet

Helmet Stickers
Motorcycle awareness helmet sticker

1-800-HURT-911\u00ae As Seen On TV ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, , WOR, WPIX logos

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Please take a look at some of our:

We created the popular motorcycle awareness campaign you know and have seen!

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