Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Wrongful Death
Left Turn | Point of Impact on Car Turning Left
Cut off
No Contact
Hit & Run
Lane Change / Side Swipe
Hit in Rear
Backing out – Cars backing out of parking space or driveway
Parking Lots
Texting & Cell phone use
Road Rage
Bicycles – Bicycle accidents are handled very differently than motorcycle accidents.

Photos the Different Types of Motorcycle Accidents Involving Our Clients

Cover Photo (NYC Queens motorcycle accident – from the victim’s point of view)


This client’s motorcycle was struck by a car that left the accident scene, resulting in an uninsured claim on the motorcyclist’s insurance policy.  A requirement of filing an uninsured claim is that there must be contact between the car and the motorcycle, which is sometimes hard to prove, and the insurance company initially denied this claim believing he fell off his motorcycle because he was very drunk.  I was able to use the tiny streak of blue paint on the chrome exhaust (seen here circled in red) to prove contact.  He only had $25,000 of uninsured coverage but I was successful in getting the insurance company to be liable for $300,000 which was a good thing because he was seriously injured with a broken ankle.


This shows a scuff mark in the blue paint of the fender which proves the contact needed to file an uninsured claim for a “hit and run”.



This was a beautiful Harley Davidson before it was struck by an SUV driver not paying attention.  Unfortunately, the driver’s inattention caused serious injuries.


Cars backing out of driveways and parking spots

car backing out of a driveway parking spot

Not all fast bikes cause the accident!



This Harley Davidson with a Screaming Eagle package was struck by a car that was first struck by another car which caused the accident because the driver was impatient and tried to pass illegally.  The motorcyclist was seriously injured.


Another motorcycle sideswiped by a driver not paying attention when changing lanes!