Find $Million Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes, insurance companies try to hide the existence of $million umbrella insurance – maybe it’s just a mistake but it sure looks like they’re trying to hide it and they have a big incentive!

If an insurance company hides the existence of a $1 million umbrella insurance policy in only 500 accidents, the insurance company will have avoided exposing $500 million.  It’s unlikely that an insurance company will get caught and I have only heard on three occasions of an insurance company getting caught.  I have never heard of an insurance company being fined after getting caught.  Even if an insurance company would be fined, it would likely be only a few thousand dollars, a small amount of money compared to $500 million.

Finding car insurance is easy, but finding umbrella insurance is not easy!  That’s because the DMV only tracks car insurance which is required by law.  DMV doesn’t track umbrella insurance because drivers are not required to have it.

We can find umbrella insurance, but other Personal Injury lawyers don’t know how!  Just read these questions and answers: question 1 with 8 lawyers who don’t know how to find umbrella insurance and question 2 with 7 lawyers who don’t know how to find umbrella insurance.

The smart lawyers said to get an affidavit, signed by the owner and driver of the car which struck your motorcycle, stating that they don’t have umbrella insurance.  We also get affidavits signed.  But what if the driver who caused your injuries signs the affidavit without disclosing the umbrella insurance?  You will never know!  But we can find out.

In the case below, my client was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by a car. I have an account with DMV and entered the car’s plate in the DMV computer system which found a $300,000 insurance policy with GEICO, but umbrella insurance is not listed in the DMV computer. Umbrella insurance is only listed in a computer database accessible only to insurance companies.

After several requests to GEICO asking if their insured (the person who struck my client’s motorcycle and caused his injuries) has umbrella insurance, the GEICO claim representative said he was not aware of any. The GEICO rep sent me the letter (below) and a second letter stating, “Pursuant to your request, please be advised that our insured carries Bodily Injury limits of $300,000”. GEICO even sent me an affidavit stating the policy is $300,00 and then they sent an affidavit signed by the owner of the car. A few days later, my investigation found that GEICO’s insured really had a $1 million policy with GEICO! I then filed a claim letter against GEICO’s $1 million policy.

Don’t let an insurance company lie to you!
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GEICO letter stating “…our insured carries bodily injury limits of $300,000”

Report showing $1 million insurance policy with GEICO

My claim letter against the $1,000,000 insurance policy