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Phil Franckel was the first lawyer to advertise in Full Throttle Magazine since its first issue in 2002. Attorneys Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy are both Lifetime members of Long Island ABATE and the American Motorcyclist Association recommended us to a motorcycle accident victim.

You’re Motorcycle Accident Probably Wasn’t Your Fault!

Don’t let the insurance company blame you because you’re on a motorcycle. We know how to prove the accident wasn’t your fault!

Call Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy for a free consultation without obligation to find out your rights and what you are entitled to. We’ll get the money for your motorcycle for free.
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Listen To Donna’s Story and Motorcycle Attorneys Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy

Donna talks about her motorcycle accident and how we helped her when she came to us after going to another motorcycle lawyer and a personal injury lawyer. We were her third lawyers. We fixed her beautiful smile, and after Donna made the video, we settled her case and got her the money to buy a brand new constructed house!

We get results for motorcyclists!

$465,000 record verdict in Nassau County for a torn meniscus (knee injury) in a motorcycle accident (a car made a left turn in front of the motorcycle). The jury found the driver was 100% at fault.
— published in New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys jury verdict for a torn meniscus reported by Jury Verdict Review

$155,000 PAID settlement with a $25,000 uninsured insurance policy in a hit & run motorcycle accident — and the motorcyclist was drunk!
— published in New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyers settlement for more than the insurance policy published in Jury Verdict Review

We know how to pressure the insurance company to pay

An insurance claims representative was delaying and didn’t want to pay the $100,000 policy of a car that made a left turn in front of our client’s motorcycle in Suffolk and tore the motorcyclist’s meniscus. We sent our “nice” letter explaining that we will go after their insured’s assets (she called it a “nasty terrorist” letter but we have a much nastier letter we send if the nice letter doesn’t work).

After receiving our “nasty terrorist” letter, the claims representative left four voicemails in one day and offered the entire $100,000 policy one week later!  Listen to short 10 sec clips from the first two voicemails:

1st voicemail

2nd voicemail

Personal Service

You can speak to Attorneys Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy anytime about your case, or just to say hello, days/nights/weekends!

Call Phil now at 1-800-487-8911 — You’ll reach me wherever I am! Listen to these 2 voicemails from clients surprised when I didn’t answer the phone.

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SIMPLE FEE GUARANTEE!™  Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Simple Fee Guarantee

  • Free Consultation – No Obligation
  • NO Fee Unless You Receive Money Money for Your Injuries
  • 1/3 Legal Fee Paid From Your Settlement at the End of Your Case
  • NO Legal Fee for Settling Your Motorcycle Damage Claim! (*see below)
  • NO Legal Fee for Estate work on wrongful death claims! (other lawyers may charge as much as $12,0000 for this)
  • NO CHARGE for copying, postage, FedEx, travel, computer storage, telephone, and other similar charges!
  • We advance case expenses which are reimbursed only at the end of your case only if we get money for you!
  • NO interest charges on case expenses!
  • We Know How To Search For Umbrella Insurance!
  • We Will Fill Out All Insurance & DMV Forms for You
  • No Health Insurance?  We Can Arrange Medical Treatment – Even Prescription Medications!
  • We’re knowledgeable and experienced in motorcycle accidents!

*GEICO offered our client (John S.) 35% of the cost of his motorcycle because they said he was 65% at fault. After we grilled the defendant at a deposition, we proved the driver was 100% at fault. Our client received an additional $4,660.02 for his motorcycle and saved $2,389.75 (1/3 of $7,169.25 paid for the motorcycle) in legal fees we did not charge!

We will also tell you how we may be able to settle your case quickly if you have a serious injury like a broken bone or surgery; find $million umbrella insurance, and protect your settlement money from being eaten up by medical liens.

Find out why motorcyclists think FRANCKEL & PLEVY, LLP are the best motorcycle accident lawyers in New York

“Motorcyclists are at the mercy of distracted drivers”

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Other motorcycle lawyers may practice in many fields of law.  Look at their website, see what they do and how much information they have about motorcycle accidents.  Then take a good look at our website including the articles.  Everything here is about motorcycle accidents.

We’re different in every way, from how we prepare your case (one example is how we prepare you for your deposition) and you can call us (not a paralegal or secretary) 7 days/nights with your questions!

You may have a serious injury that you don’t realize is serious or don’t even know you have!  We’re experienced in looking for serious injuries.  For instance, when a motorcyclist has symptoms from a concussion, it’s likely that you won’t realize that your motorcycle accident caused the injury which creates the symptoms.  This one injury can be worth $millions.  Other injuries like road rash can be worth a lot of money even if you don’t think it’s bad.

Sometimes, insurance companies try to hide the existence of $million umbrella insurance – maybe it’s just a mistake but it sure looks like they’re trying to hide it and they have a big incentive!  I am one of the few people outside of an insurance company who knows how to find it.  Finding car insurance is easy.  In the case below, my client was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by a car.  I have an account with DMV and entered the car’s plate in the DMV computer system which found a $300,000 insurance policy with GEICO, but umbrella insurance is not listed in the DMV computer.  Umbrella insurance is only listed in a computer database accessible only to insurance companies.  See what we found an insurance company hiding.

Don’t let an insurance company lie to you!

Getting a lot of money for your injuries is a difficult job that requires substantial knowledge and organization.  We use medical doctors to summarize all of your medical records.  We then present to the insurance company a medical summary; medical chronology of injuries, symptoms; treatment, treatment plan; pain chart; pain medication chart; and a copy of your medical records.  Where appropriate, we also use medical illustrations; videos of your CT & MRI; and video animations of your injuries.

Call us now (even nights & weekends) at 1-800-HURT-911

We provide personal service.   You can call Phil Franckel on my personal phone number days/nights/weekends with any question. In fact, you can reach me right now on my personal phone number by calling 1-800-HURT-911.

If you’re a motorcyclist on Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau, Queens or the New York area, you probably have seen our advertisements on TV (my photo in the left column is from TV) and in motorcycle publications including the back cover of ABATE and the inside front cover of FT for motorcycle accidents.

Many personal injury lawyers do not like motorcycle cases because of the complexity of the unique legal issues involving motorcycle accidents, especially the resolution of liens for medical treatment, but we prefer motorcycle accident cases and the unique issues with motorcycle accidents.

Because most motorcyclists are injured by a driver who just didn’t see the motorcycle, we’re the ONLY lawyers with a motorcycle awareness campaign in the Long Island / NY area with our brand “BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE”®!

Raising Motorcycle Awareness & Supporting Children’s Hospitals at Costco Commack, Melville/Farmingdale & Westbury in front of over 400,000 people!

Motorcycle awareness advertising "BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE®" at COSTCO by Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Giving out bumper stickers & T-shirts at the FTM & LI ABATE Annual Motorcycle Awareness Run

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at the ABATE Awareness Run

My wife Erlyne and I giving out motorcycle awareness items at Dee Snider’s Ride to Fight Hunger

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Phil Franckel and his wife at the motorcycle awareness ride, Dee Snider's Ride to Fight Hunger

Philip L. Franckel, Esq., is an attorney representing bikers hurt in Long Island motorcycle accidents. Phil Franckel created 1800HURT911.com and HURT911Biker.com and authored over 600 pages of information on the websites about personal injury accidents and motorcycle accidents, including “What you should know if you have been hurt in a Long Island motorcycle accident“. Phil Franckel has been practicing personal injury law since 1989 and is a former Member of the Board Of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. In his spare time, Phil Franckel volunteers his time as the Commanding Officer of Nassau County Auxiliary Police Communications.

Phil Franckel’s father Alex Franckel on his motorcycle in 1946!

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorney Phil Franckel's father Alex Franckel on his motorcycle in 1946

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