MV-104 Accident Report

When you report your motorcycle accident to your insurance company, they will send you an MV-104 accident report to complete and send back to your insurance company so they can send it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You must file your MV-104 report within 10 days of a car or motorcycle accident.  If you do not file an MV-104 within 10 days of your accident, your license may be suspended.

DO NOT fill out an MV-104 or an insurance company accident report and send it to either your Department of Motor Vehicles or an insurance company.  Let us fill out the report for you.  If you already completed the MV-104 prior to calling us, we still want to represent you.

The information you enter on your report can harm your personal injury case.  You may think that the information is true and in your favor but even information that is in your favor can be used against you!

As your attorney, we will complete this report for you and file it on your behalf with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The good news is you won’t have to bother with it.

If you still want to see how to fill out your accident report read How to Fill out an MV-104 Accident Report