Texting & Cell Phones

If you were injured in a motorcycle or car accident by a driver who you think was texting or talking on the phone, we may be able to get a subpoena for the driver’s cell phone records to prove it.

Being in the open and looking everywhere, motorcyclists are more aware of drivers who text while driving.  You’ve probably seen it too many times.  Some of our clients saw the driver was looking down when the car hit their motorcycle!

Texting is never worth the risk but drivers just don’t think about it! Drivers who text while driving should be criminally prosecuted and we’re able to civilly prosecute them.

According to Consumer Reports, texting while driving is 23 times more dangerous than talking on the phone while driving.

According to a Stone Temple survey, 30% of cell phone users don’t even know if there is a hands-free driving law in their state. However, talking on a hands-free cell phone or just talking to a passenger in the car is probably just as dangerous as holding a cell phone.

Even if we discover that the driver was speaking on a hands-free cell phone, we can use that to prove the distraction may have contributed to causing your accident.

A study by a University of South Carolina psychology researcher featured in the journal, Experimental Psychology, shows why talking and listening interferes with visual tasks, such as driving. According to the study, “…subjects were four times more distracted while preparing to speak or speaking than when they were listening,

This photo shows a car that crashed into the rear of a Long Island Bus.  I know that the driver was texting at the time of the accident.  Fortunately, this moron didn’t hit a motorcycle!

Crashed car from texting

This side view shows the extent of the damage.  The airbag discharged and the driver was lucky to escape without life-threatening injuries.  Fortunately, the driver of this car hit the rear of a larger, stronger bus and didn’t hit a motorcycle.

side view of crashed car