Motorcycle Insurance Tips

Buying motorcycle insurance in New York is more complicated than you would like. You should become familiar with the important parts of your motorcycle insurance policy, but you can make things easier for yourself by knowing a few questions to ask and buying insurance from the right companies.

I recommend that you buy motorcycle insurance from an independent insurance agent. An independent insurance agent should provide you with advice. If you purchase insurance directly from an insurance company, the person on the phone is only an insurance sales agent and is not responsible for providing advice.

When purchasing motorcycle insurance from an independent insurance agent, make sure that the insurance company is a company whose name you recognize. Do not purchase motorcycle insurance from a small insurance company that you never heard of. There are some small insurance companies that provide very cheap insurance, but when you have a motorcycle accident, you will seriously regret having used a small insurance company. While they may provide you with very cheap insurance, you will find that you have very minimum benefits that barely meet the minimum set of the New York State insurance law, and when you have a motorcycle accident, you will have difficulty collecting your benefits.

Motorcycle insurance is already inexpensive, even with the best coverages, using a cheap insurance company with minimum benefits will only save you a very small amount of money at a very significant cost if you ever have a motorcycle accident. While the big insurance companies can sometimes be difficult to deal with, they are usually not harshly unfair as the smaller insurance companies often are.

My recommendations:

  • Buy your motorcycle insurance from an independent insurance agent
  • Buy your motorcycle insurance from an insurance company whose name you recognize
  • Buy the maximum liability insurance limits you can afford (this allows you to purchase higher uninsured/underinsured coverage)
  • Buy the maximum uninsured/underinsured coverage limit. This is the most important part of your insurance policy and the limit should be at least as much as your liability insurance limits (see the video below).
  • Remember that New York State no-fault coverage does not exist for motorcycle operators or passengers, so make sure you purchase separate medical coverage or have good health insurance. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, your medical bills can easily cost as much as $35,000-$150,000 and could cost a lot more.

Funny video about underinsured coverage

You can read here about some of the important parts of a motorcycle insurance policy which will help you determine the questions you want to ask.

Unfortunately, I represent many motorcyclists who find they have the wrong insurance coverage or purchased motorcycle insurance from a company they should have avoided.

Consequently, I would like to help bikers avoid these insurance problems which usually can be avoided simply by knowing what coverage you need in your motorcycle insurance policy, which insurance companies to avoid, and by spending as little as $60-$100 per year more than the cheapest motorcycle insurance you find.

If you have any questions about buying motorcycle insurance, I will be happy to help you for free. Just send me an e-mail with your name and telephone number and I will call you the same day.

Philip L. Franckel, Esq.