Some types of valuable injuries frequently seen in motorcycle accidents:

Road Rash

Road rash can be minor which completely goes away to one which leaves a scar to severe such as a “de-gloving”type.  A road rash such as the one in the photo below will cause permanent scars and is a valuable injury.


Fractures, also known as a broken bone include any bone from a broken nose, broken ankle, broken arm, finger, rib (a fractured rib is extremely painful), and other bones.  The image below shows an x-ray of a fractured radius and ulna in a right arm.  This x-ray was taken after surgery and shows a plate and screws installed.  The surgery causes a scar which is also seen in the “Scars” section below.
xray showing fx radius & ulna

This photo shows a fractured ankle after surgery with external fixation.  The fixator is used to keep the bones from moving while healing and is later removed.  This injury was settled for $155,000 even though our client was severely drunk with a blood alcohol level of .203.*


This shows a medical illustration we did showing a fractured pinky finger which was the only injury and was settled for the entire insurance policy.*



This photo shows a scar from surgery to repair a fractured radius and ulna in the arm in the x-ray above.
photo of scar from surgery to repair broken radius ulna

This photo shows a forearm scar from a laceration without a fracture or surgery which was settled for $150,000.*

photo of forearm scar Optimized

Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryAn often overlooked motorcycle injury is the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury or mild TBI, often referred to as a concussion. Approximately 75% of traumatic brain injuries are mild, yet causing devastating life changes to an injured motorcyclist.  For this reason, a mild traumatic brain injury claim can be worth millions of dollars.

We know how to identify and prove the existence of mild traumatic brain injury and obtained a $1.25 million settlement for a concussion.

Mild traumatic brain injury may become more apparent when looking at some of the symptoms. An MBTI can be worth well over $1M. Read about what a mild Traumatic Brain Injury is; what the symptoms are; and what you can do about it. See if you have any of the symptoms of brain injury

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.