Our passion is representing and helping people injured while riding a motorcycle!

LEGAL FEE: 1/3 of your settlement, paid at the end of your accident case.
GUARANTEE: If we don’t get money for you, you don’t pay anything!
WE ADVANCE CASE EXPENSES, so you don’t need any money!
NO CHARGE for copying, postage, messenger, telephone and other similar charges!
NO CHARGE for legal representation with regard to your motorcycle damage!

Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy offer motorcycle accident victims:

  • Free telephone consultation with no obligation.
  • Free in-hospital/home consultation with no obligation.
  • Personal service – Call me days/nights/weekends (No charge of course).
  • We fill out all forms for you including
    1. Insurance forms
    2. DMV accident form
    3. Expense reimbursement forms
    4. Claim forms and
    5. All other forms.

We can find $Million umbrella insurance policies and have an impressive track record of settling medical liens.

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Get Motorcycle Lawyers Rob Plevy, Esq. and Phil Franckel, Esq. at the HURT911® Personal Injury Dream Team™ on your side and become a member of our family!

“I endorse these guys 100% they handled my [motorcycle] accident very well! And they are genuine human beings.”
—Frank Sundancer Perugi

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We created the popular motorcycle awareness campaign you know and have seen!

At HURT911® you can speak, text, or email Rob Plevy, Esq. and Phil Franckel, Esq. whenever you need throughout your case and afterward, days/nights/weekends. If you have a question or would just like to say hello, please call us!

No Win — No Fee — No Expenses — Guaranteed!
Even if you think you were at fault or other lawyers said you don’t have a case, please call us!

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Motorcycle Attorney Phil Franckel talks about how motorcycle accidents are different

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New York motorcycle Attorney Rob Plevy, Esq.

Attorney Rob Plevy, Esq.

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