Be Careful When Riding Past a Car Wash

The first time, I thought it was unusual when I got a call from a motorcyclist who was riding past a car wash and crashed when the motorcycle skidded on the slippery roadway.

Then I got a second call for the same type of accident while riding past a car wash. We have represented several motorcyclists who had accidents when riding past a car wash.

Water and soap running into the roadway can make it slippery. However, two of the accidents were caused by employees at the car wash using a chemical to make tires shine. The employees were using the chemical at the end of the driveway right by the street. The chemical was tracked into the street.

I mentioned this problem to Greg Sheridan of Full Throttle Magazine New York and he told me about a similar problem he had on a slippery area when riding past the driveway of someone who was selling cars out of his house.

Allowing the discharge of chemicals and wastewater is a violation of law. When a law written to improve safety is violated, it may be possible to have the court rule that the car wash is negligent without asking a jury to make the determination as to whether a reasonable person would do the same thing. This is called negligence per se.

After a quick look on Google, I found someone who skidded and crashed after leaving a motorcycle wash where he washed the motorcycle himself. He was at least a block away when the accident happened. It’s possible that he didn’t fully rinse the soap off and didn’t fully dry his motorcycle. Take a look at the video

If your motorcycle skids on soap or oil left by someone or a business, we’ll obtain the evidence needed to prove how negligence caused your motorcycle accident.
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