Every year, we get calls during March, April, and sometimes in May from experienced motorcyclists hurt after hitting a pothole or riding over sand left behind by snowplows.

Of course, you can hit a pothole at any time of the year. We even got a call from the family of someone who was tragically killed in September when her motorcycle hit a pothole on the Parkway.

At the Long Island ABATE meeting in Suffolk last month, I made an announcement to remind people to watch for potholes and sand on curved areas of the roadway during March and April if they don’t want to put off riding until May.

Tragically, David Decarle died at Peconic Bay Medical Center after his motorcycle hit a pothole in Riverhead on March 17.

This year, the roads will likely be bad even through the month of May. If you can, don’t start riding until at least May.

Motorcyclists who call us usually say they don’t think there’s anything they can do but call to find out if there is any possibility of a lawsuit. It’s good that people call us to find out because in some situations, it may be possible.

Motorcyclists will not be able to obtain compensation from a lawsuit for most of these accidents because usually, no one is at fault. However, there are circumstances in which a company or government can be sued for negligence. One of the best types of negligence is where a government or company work crew created the condition which caused the pothole.